1. Dear Sir,

    The Institute of Hydrobiology & Aquatic Ecosystem Management (IHG) at the University of Natural Resources & Life Sciences Vienna (BOKU) currently prepares a popular scientific book about the history of the Austrian Danube River. This book was commissioned by provincial governments, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (BMLFUW) and several non-governmental organizations. It is not planned for commercial uses. So, only up to 3000 books will be printed and a PDF of the book will be provided at selected servers to be downloaded by invited users.

    We would like to use your photo (portile de fier + for the illustration of our book. Therefore, we kindly ask for your permission to use the requested image and for a printable high resolution version of your image (optimum 300-600 dpi). How much will the digital image cost (in Euro)?

    If a license fee is required, please inform us about the costs (in Euro) based on the above mentioned number and type of books that will be published. In the case that we have to clip the image or to alter the colors, please also inform us if this is allowed. We also have to know, how we shall cite the image correctly in the book (e.g. author name (Year), institution/archive, image number).

    The best way to transmit the image file would be via e-mail or download from a (FTP-)server.

    If you kindly provide the requested image, please send us a short notice with your permission and, in case, the invoice for the license fee and the image file. The invoice should be addressed to:

    University of Natural Resources & Life Sciences Vienna
    c/o Mathias Jungwirth
    Max-Emanuel-Straße 17
    A-1180 Vienna

    VAT: ATU16285008

    The VAT ID of the University of Natural Resources & Life Sciences Vienna (BOKU) reads as follows ATU16285008. Please include our project number 7812009779 in the invoice. Also indicate if the costs shall be covered after we received your invoice or if we have to pay in advance with credit card.

    We hope to receive your answer as soon as possible.

    With kind regards,
    Bakk.techn. Silvia Navrkal

    Bakk.techn. Silvia Eva-Maria Navrkal
    Institute of Hydrobiology & Aquatic Ecosystem Management (IHG)
    Department of Water-Atmosphere-Environment (WAU)
    BOKU – University of Natural Resources & Life Sciences Vienna
    Max-Emanuel-Straße 17
    A-1180 Vienna
    e-mail: silvia.navrkal(at)
    mobile: +43-699-81434462
    fax: +43-1-47654-5217


    • Hello,

      I’m happy you visited my blog. About the image you mentioned i would like to inform you i took it at the museum and it’s not a problem for me to let you download it (you can have the original file for free) as long as you specify the source (my blog).

      But i do have some doubts about the link you specified ( I noticed that the pages in the left menu don’t exist (the site only has information for the homepage and to be honest doesn’t seem official). I am concerned about the image showing next to a fake website.

      If you’re still interested please send me some details regarding this situation at my email address:

      Have a good day,

      Best regards,

      Diplomat Engineer and National Tourist Guide
      Fanica Antonie


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